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Schauinsland, Black Forest Germany

And another bank of Bert Pohl, whom I could win as a fan of the site and guest author. There can’t be a more beautiful place name than…

Münstertal, Black Forest Germany

This is a beautiful Guest Contribution from Bert Pohl. This bench is called: Heiners bench, The View is in the direction of River Rhine Valley towards Vogeses Mountains…

Albspitz, Nesselwang, Germany

A small but fine ascent to about 1650 metres with a fantastic view of the panorama of the Allgäu and the German Alps. With a little patience the…

Visselhövede, Germany

Great Morning on a very productive two-day Workshop with a great Company from Brunswick. Pictures were taken on the ground of Hof Sonnentau.

GastFreundSchafft, Hannover, Germany

Today is an exciting day. Today we make the first team-internal workshop of our digital Mindset! Therefore we have retired to our partners of GastFreundSchafft. This bank is…

Dino Park Münchehagen, Lower Saxony, Germany

Wow.  A lot of Dinos and the first time, i was guided by my five years old boys through a theme park. Go and check it out:

Hörnerbahn, Bavaria, Germany

Wow, what a snow. Green in the Valley, White up on the mountain. But still enough to enjoy skiing!

Melle, Germany

This bench is in the Center of beautiful Landesturnschule Melle close to Osnabrück in Lower Saxony. We had a great and intensive Workshop and after a little time…

Island of Potsdam, Brandenburg, Germany

Puh, what a nice recreation spot after a long day of meetings and presentations. A really nice, silent place, where you can watch rowers, boats, etc.

Bad Harzburg, Germany

What a nice outlook from Burgberg Bad Harzburg on a nice and very cold afternoon in Fall 2016. We enjoyed the ride with the gondola and the great…

Hundsbach, Northern Black Forest, Germany

During the production of some video footage for my startup digitalstark we passed a lot of great impressions and nice benches. These two benches are definitly highlights of…

Wernigerode, Harz, Germany

What a nice place. Its always worth a visit. Benches are taken at Bürgerpark and beautiful MiniatureLand.

Willingen, Germany

Our yearly trip with all our old buddies this year went to Willingen in famous german holiday region Sauerland. We had a lot of fun sharing old and new…

Wasserräder Wennigsen, Germany

My boys loved this hike into the past of every young person growed up in Hannover. I think I haven’t been here for 20 years.

Föhr, Germany

We needed a short break on our hike around the german island Föhr when we saw this bench on a playground. Nice view for parents! By the Way: stay…

Bad Driburg, Germany

Beautiful area and a nice but High Price Hotel with an English Garden! Took this One while Running through The meadows!

Bremerhaven, Germany

Great place to be in Bremerhaven – visit the old ships at the dockside – a lot of history and storys about seafaring tradition

Büsum, Germany

breezy bench located on the center stage of the “Familienlagune Perlebucht” – surfer´s paradise at the north sea

Cuxhaven, Germany

New Benches in a lets-try-to-be-stylish-Design!


St.Peter-Ording, Germany

Beautiful impressions from a long walk close to the Wattenmeer.

Steinhude am Meer

Steinhude am Meer, Germany

Bench was shot at a marina in Steinhuder Meer near Hannover before leaving for famous firework “Steinhude in Flammen”. Recommended view: take a boat!  

Hamburg, Germany

This is only a small part of a very large bench (pic is a bit crunched) at “Gertrudenkirchhof” next to the main station. This section offers a lot…

Bad Wildungen

Bad Wildungen, Germany

We lowered the average age of the visitors in famous german “health resort” Bad Wildungen from 70 to 68 (think about this calculation), when we walked out finding…

Edersee from Strandbad Waldeck

Edersee, Germany

What a nice collection of different views showing impressions from the big reservoir Edersee in Hessen. We had a nice weekend and will come back for sure.

Serengeti Park, Germany

What a nice day for our nephew Kilian visiting famous but a little old-fashioned theme park Serengeti Park in Hodenhagen. Watching wild animals while driving in old busses…

Linden, Germany

This small but twistable bench is located at the famous square “Am Küchengarten” in Linden/Hannover . It´s one of my local heroes with an industrial “romance- touched view…

Laboe, Germany

Buena Vista on Kieler Förde. In this small town you have to pay 2€/person for using the beach or you can feel free on this bench and also…

Großalmerode, Hessen

Grossalmerode, Germany

This one is taken on the cemetry of Großalmerode in Northern Hessen, the place my grand parents are buried.

Hameln, Germany

Nice spot with a fantastic view on old town Hameln in Lower Saxony, Germany.

Bremen, Germany

Impressions from beautiful Bürgerpark in Bremen. This second bench is called Dr.Lang-Bank and was installed in 1905.