Seligman, Arizona, USA

Normally in Seligman we only stopped and inhaled nostalgia. This time we also slept here and enjoyed the sleepy place on Route 66, which has its best times…

Zion National Park, Utah, USA

What a return. My fourth visit was also my most intense visit. Several hikes and an incredible number of impressions. It was twice as much fun with my…

Hoover Dam, Nevada, USA

I have been here many times and have done the tour several times. It is – to be honest – always a fascination for me. This building is…

San Francisco, California, USA

To round off the impressions from San Francisco I can now add 2 perspectives around the Golden Gate Bridge.

Alcatraz, California, USA

Almost 14 years after my marriage proposal, we returned to the prison island in San Francisco. Now we have been able to experience this fascinating place during the…

Point Lobos, California, USA

After a quick visit of the romantic and rich City of Carmel-by-the-Sea we entered Point Lobos State Park for some hiking and a picknic with a Great view…

Kiel, Germany

While we watched cruise ships and freighters enter and leave the port of Kiel, I noticed this beautiful bench.

Visselhövede, Germany

Great Morning on a very productive two-day Workshop with a great Company from Brunswick. Pictures were taken on the ground of Hof Sonnentau.

Haithabu, Germany

Visiting the Vikings on a besutiful, cold spring Morning!

Lagomaggiore, Italy

A very nice Guest Contribution by Andi Buck. This seems to be a place where he writes his lovely children’s books about craftsmen and rockets. Just follow the…

GastFreundSchafft, Hannover, Germany

Today is an exciting day. Today we make the first team-internal workshop of our digital Mindset! Therefore we have retired to our partners of GastFreundSchafft. This bank is…

Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee, USA

It was a great day in a really fascinating beautiful and varied national park. We are talking about the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, the most visited national…

Krippenstein, Austria

Whenever Henning is on the road in Austria, he keeps his eyes open for more  benches for our website. Here follow 2 beautiful copies from Krippenstein (in the…

Homosassa Springs, Florida, USA

Manatees, Alligators and more rare Animals. On another incredibly warm and sultry day we moved through the State Park – technically not faster than the animal protagonists!

Cookeville, Tennessee, USA

Anyone who has little boys sitting in the car is incredibly grateful for exciting breaks. Ideal for this: historical railway exhibitions. Like the one here in Cookeville. Nowhere….

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

The city of Atlanta and I have a great relationship. I’m here almost twice a year and stopped sightseeing about 10 years ago. This year it was time…

Ruby Falls, Tennessee, USA

It has been my second visit to Ruby Falls and it was this visit was born out of a security issue :-). Actually we wanted to visit the…

St.Augustine, Florida, USA

Wow. That is real history. St Augustines Castillo De San Marcos is a real time travel into American history. Old. Very old. Quasi.

Amelia Island, Florida, USA

What a beautiful day and it had more then 33 degrees when we discovered this fantastic beach in northern Florida.

Huntington Beach, California, USA

Home of the Surfer. A whole bunch of windsurfer and a long sea bridge to look at their art.  Never seen so many Surfer on on one Spot…

Dino Park Münchehagen, Lower Saxony, Germany

Wow.  A lot of Dinos and the first time, i was guided by my five years old boys through a theme park. Go and check it out:

Laguna Beach, California, USA

Up on the hill with a beautitful view over the Beach Cities and catching some warm blinks in the sunset!

San Diego, California, USA

I finally made it up to USS Midway. It was my fifth visit to beautiful San Diego and this time i went up on this large ship with…

Big Bear Lake, California, USA

What a great stay on Men´s Week 2 with my buddy Christoph. After driving 2 hours through sunset up to 7000 feet we woke up with a fascinating…

Hörnerbahn, Bavaria, Germany

Wow, what a snow. Green in the Valley, White up on the mountain. But still enough to enjoy skiing!

Melle, Germany

This bench is in the Center of beautiful Landesturnschule Melle close to Osnabrück in Lower Saxony. We had a great and intensive Workshop and after a little time…

Minnesota, USA

A good business friend of mine – Wolfgang from Düsseldorf – is travelling a lot to visit his daughter how moved out to beautiful Minnesota, a state that…

Tel Aviv, Israel

What an inspiring trip to Israel. Checking out Starup Ecosystem of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem we had an relaxing evening at Tel Aviv Beach. While sitting on this…

Island of Potsdam, Brandenburg, Germany

Puh, what a nice recreation spot after a long day of meetings and presentations. A really nice, silent place, where you can watch rowers, boats, etc.

High Line, New York

I Love it. Its awesome. If you are in New York then take your Time in this beatiful area in Western Manhattan! More about High Line