Nordfjordeid, Norway

These benches are in the Harbour of Nordfjordeid, poised between the awe-inspiring tranquility of the fjord landscape and the bustling energy of tourism and engineering embodied by the AIDAnova. This contrast defines the town’s character, evoking a profound, reflective ambiance.

Nordfjordeid is a serene place, renowned for its idyllic position at the gateway to one of Norway’s most beautiful fjords and for its wellknown Viking boats. It’s a place of tranquility, augmented by the presence of the imposing cruise ship, AIDAnova.

The feeling is complex. On one hand, there’s admiration for the sublime fjord landscape, on the other, recognition of the role tourism and engineering play in enlivening and shaping the locale.

What do you think the Vikings would have done with such a giant ship if they had owned it back then?

Author: christian

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